Too Busy to Pray
(C) Don Mize, 2001

November 30, 2001

Are you too busy to pray?  Here are some things to consider.

Think of prayer as your creative time.  Rather than wasting time, review your schedule, your commitments, your priorities.  Prayerfully focus on problems and pray for guidance and insight.  Look for new ways of doing things.  Review deadlines.

Try to leave your prayer time with a list of priorities for the day.  With a sense of priority, you can work on the most important thing first.  Even if you finish only one thing, if it is the most important thing, you have done a good day's work.

Without our creative time we get in a rut, we try to work harder rather that smarter, and we confuse being busy with being effective.

You can't afford to not have a creative time in your schedule every day.  The hour you spend in prayer is work, and that hour is the most important hour in your whole work day.

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