How To Make Better Grades 

& Have Fun Doing It

Are you a student tired of school?

Or maybe you're a parent wanting your child to make better grades.

Or as a parent, you just hate to see all that potential go to waste.

Parent or student, this eBook is for you.

How to Make Better Grades and Have Fun Doing It is an easy read for a student or parent.  And since most students avoid books about studying, you can read the short sections, experiment, and review what worked before taking up the next idea.

While you can read the book from start to finish, ideas are broken down into short sections to be experimented with each day in the school setting.

The fun thing about this eBook is that the insights came out of work with real people.  The whole experiment started when a mom came by one afternoon and said, "My son is driving me crazy.  I really believe he gets up every morning with the purpose of driving me crazy."

As we talked, I found out many of the problems were school related.  He was in junior high and would rather be anywhere than in a classroom.  At that time I had no program in place, but I agreed to work with her son if she would agree to be a part of the process.  At times I met thirty minutes with her son and thirty minutes with her.  At times we alternated sessions.

And that's how it all started.  Thousands of hours and hundreds of students and parents later, I began to realize we had developed something that worked.

Finally, I decided to write it in a book that could be read and applied by a junior high student.  That decision turned out to be far more productive than I ever imagined, for the result was an easily read book with catchy poetic principles.  (In fact, if you want to have some fun, read it aloud:  the first draft was written in blank verse.)  My surprise came when the book appealed to older students, even college students.

Take Motivation for Example

Years ago I heard an idea about motivation that worked.  I experimented with the idea in my own life, and I have eagerly shared it with others ever since. I would gladly give credit for the idea if I could remember who said it in a seminar about motivation.

Yet, there's more.  An idea isn't anything without application. A check for a million dollars is worthless until you cash it.  The way all the workable ideas are presented in this eBook (self-motivation is only one) allows you to "cash the check" every day.

And, the idea can be tailored for you, like a custom-made piece of clothing.  That's part of the plan.  You are encouraged to experiment with each idea so that you can put your own personality and preferences on it.  You find what works for you.

Or, what about trying to understand why you should study algebra, or math, or English grammar.

As a student, you are probably sick and tired of people telling you you'll understand it better bye and bye, or it's good for you, or someday you'll need it.

As a parent, you don't know what to say, so you tell them the above nonsense because that's what someone told you.  And by the way, you still haven't used some of that stuff.

In the eBook you are presented with the four skills that are worth learning.  Once you understand these four skills are covered in every class, every class has meaning.

And there's more

Not only do you learn how to improve your grades and have fun doing it, but you discover that success is fun.

A secret is revealed about how to learn anything and remember it.

How to be successful in life as well as how to be successful in school is revealed.  What is your learning style?  You can discover it for yourself as you do your daily work.

Have you ever thought you were ready for a test and been wiped out?  Learn how to know you know.

Release the energy to succeed, and learn how to remove negative feelings that interfere with learning.

Learn how to make reading fun in addition to doing it more quickly and efficiently.  Also, learn a method that works to improve your writing and to write more in less time.

You can learn to ace a test.

In case that's not enough

We have a Learn On! program and a Life Coaching Program if you want more personal attention after reading the book.

What do I need?

All you need to run this eBook is Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, Me, 2000 or XP, and Internet Explorer 4 or later.  Once you download the eBook, double click the downloaded file and your eBook How To Make Better Grades & Have Fun Doing It will open.

And you can print out your own copy if you prefer

eBooks are wonderful.  That's why I'm writing this one.

But some of us still prefer paper, and besides, there are times when a paper copy is more convenient than being at a computer or fooling with some electronic device.

Instant delivery

You can order by credit card, secure and efficient.  When you complete your order, you will be taken to our web page when you can download your new eBook within seconds.  After the download, you double click the file, and your new eBook is available.

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