Turn Your Kids on to Learning

Think it can’t be done?  Think again!
Here at Becoming, our founder & director, Don Mize,
offers educational programs specifically tailored to your child.
Programs that can help turn your child on to learning.

Eucational programs built just for your child.

Don Mize has worked with kids suffering from learning disabilities and major behavior issues to simply those bored with school.  His experience helping kids and teens learn to love learning can benefit your child, too.  Whatever the particular issues with school might be, Don can help using his “Learn On!” program

When your child first meets with Don, he goes over a few simple things, like homework habits, favorite subjects, and even more difficult situations.  He helps your child discover what the problems areas are and sets about to correct them.  But Don doesn’t do this in a boring, clinical, or evenly overly “educational” fashion.  He sets a program just for your child that keeps his or her interest so that learning is no longer a chore.  Seem simple?  It is!  Don simply has the tools to help your child’s school performance.

Your child’s personalized “Learn On!” program can include:

 Tools for better study habits
Speed-reading exercises
 Research & study skills
Current events reporting
Memory enhancement
Time management
Self-motivation techniques
Coping skills
Responsibility issues

And, it’s guaranteed!

That’s right, Don guarantees his services.  If, after following your personalized plan for 30 days, you see no improvement, Don will refund your money, so there’s no risk at all.  In fact, the only thing you have to risk is your child’s education if you don’t seek Don’s help.  So call for an appointment right away!

Experience The Difference

When life’s tough problems seem to overwhelm you,
turn to Becoming and the care of an experienced counselor like Don Mize.
Becoming offers special programs for issues including:
Relationship troubles * Stress & depression management * Coping skills Spiritual issues * Communication problems * Learning problems

Turn to Becoming and start becoming who you were meant to be.

Free Learn On! Consultation
Private consultation with Don Mize Review of problem areas 
Recommendations for study skills/enrichment program
Extended Donation Plan to fit any budget

Caring Christian solutions to life’s tough problems

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